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for faithful customers

Thank you for recommending rezemo to others!

Here's how it works:

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1. recommend rezemo more

Tell your friends, acquaintances or family about rezemo and share this link with them, where they can find all information about the action:

2. enter your e-mail address

One of these persons places an order in our Online Shop shop.

On the invoice details page, the person enters "Recommended by" and "Your email address"in theOrder Note field , for example: "Recommended by [email protected]".

The e-mail address you enter must be the same as the address you already use for your orders at rezemo, so that we can allocate them correctly.

If you are not sure which e-mail address you used for your order, your address and your full name can also be entered.

Procedure for the rezemo and friends action in the payment process
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3. you receive your reward from us

After the person you recommended has placed the order, we will send you a 14-pack of our new Organic Coffee Edition 5 and we will send your reward directly to the delivery address of your last order, which was made with the email address you used.

Thank you for helping us to secure the future of our planet with every cup of rezemo coffee!

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The promotion "rezemo and friends" is valid under the described conditions up to and including 30.09.2021 for new customers as well as existing customers of rezemo GmbH. The terms and conditions of AGB of the rezemo GmbH apply.