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Questions and answers about the rezemo wooden coffee capsule

What material is the rezemo coffee capsule made of?

The sustainable rezemo coffee capsules are demonstrably made from 100% bio-based, renewable raw materials. The main ingredient here is Woodwhich is processed into our ecological coffee capsule in the form of wood shavings. For this purpose, the untreated wood fibres are mixed with a binder made of plant starch (PLA).

By using 100% renewable raw materialsderived from the cycle of nature, we minimise the Footprint. The product cycle from value creation to recycling is thus also optimised from a CO2 point of view. (

In which coffee capsule machines can the rezemo capsule be used?

Our rezemo capsule is compatible with the most popular Nespresso®* original machines for private households.

We have successfully tested these in all machines that were sold after 2012. If you have an older machine (e.g. model series "ESSENZA") in use or are unsure about the compatibility, please contact us at any time at CONTACT.

In the following videos you can see the trouble-free use of our rezemo capsule in some of the most common capsule machines.

The rezemo coffee capsules do not fit in the following capsule machines:

  • Nescafé Dolce Gusto
  • Tchibo Caffissimo
  • Nespresso Vertuo
  • Tassimo

The rezemo coffee capsules cannot be used with coffee pod machines.

Can I use the rezemo capsule in other capsule machines?

No, the rezemo capsule can only be used with the original Nespresso®* machines for private households.

The machine closes a little harder, why?

Due to the use of Natural materials in our rezemo coffee capsule, some of the capsule machines (e.g. model series "CITIZ") may be somewhat more difficult to close. In our experience, the capsule machine is not damaged - we have tested this with many thousands of rezemo capsules in different machines and found no adverse effects. The only difference is that you may have to use a little more force when pressing down the lever. Our rezemo coffee capsule is compatible with the current Nespresso®* original machines for private households built after 2012.

Should I eject the capsule directly after the brewing application?

We recommend ejecting the rezemo coffee capsules directly after brewing. The wood fibres in the coffee capsule swell up during the brewing process. This is also one of the reasons why the rezemo coffee capsules decompose so easily. However, this also means that the capsules can get stuck if they are not ejected immediately after the brewing process. So simply open the lever of your capsule machine as soon as your coffee is ready, so that the capsule falls into the collection container.

Does the warranty of the capsule machine remain valid?

The prohibition of compatible products by the manufacturer is not allowed and accordingly the warranty protection must not be suspended.

What is the best before date (BBD) of the rezemo coffee capsule?

Our coffee capsules have a shelf life of at least 9 months. They are packaged in an environmentally friendly natural power carton, because sustainability is our highest priority. Of course we do not use any plastic packaging.

Where does your coffee come from?

Our coffees come exclusively from the best growing areas in the world. We pay attention to sustainable cultivation and have our coffees refined in hand-picked, small roasting plants. The composition of the beans varies from edition to edition.

You can find more information about the bean selection of our individual editions in our section THE COFFEE as well as on the product pages in our rezemo SHOP.


How many rezemo varieties are there?

At the moment we have five different varieties on offer: Our Espresso Edition 1, Coffee Edition 2, Decaf Edition 3, our Espresso Edition 4 and our Coffee Edition 5. You can find more information in our Online Shop. In order to offer you even more choice, we are constantly developing new coffees. So you can be curious!

What distinguishes the rezemo coffee capsules from other sustainable coffee capsules?

Our rezemo coffee capsules are to 100% bio-based. We have had this independently tested and certified by DIN CERTCO. The Certificate with the reg. no. 8C150 can be viewed completely transparently in the public database of DIN Certco. The basis for our coffee capsules is therefore exclusively renewable raw materials, which come directly from nature in the form of plants. Our capsules are therefore 100% free of aluminium, fossil plastics and fossil microplastics. You can find more information at THE CAPSULE and in the rezemo SHOP.


Why does it make sense to use bio-based products such as the rezemo coffee capsules?

Bio-based products are made from Raw materials of natural origin raw materials. Such raw materials grow back by themselves and are therefore not finite. Since they also bindCO2 during their growth, the net CO2 content of our atmosphere does not increase in relation to the material used when the product is later disposed of. It is generally believed that biobased biodegradable products do not create a permanent Microplasticsadditional burden on the environment and the health of humans and animals.

All of this helps to combat climate change and protect our planet's biodiversity and ecosystems. We highlight this topic in our blog posts on RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS and BIOPLASTICS in more detail. You can also find more information at THE CAPSULE and at rezemo SHOP.

What is the problem with products containing fossil plastics and aluminium?

The problem with products made of aluminium and fossil plastics lies, on the one hand, in the extraction of their raw materials.

For the production of "plastic", i.e. fossil plastics, crude oil and natural gas are needed. Aluminium is produced from the ore bauxite. Both the extraction of these raw materials and their further processing have a significant negative impact on our environment. Rainforests are often cleared and the surrounding ecosystems destroyed by pollutants that reach the earth's surface during mining.

On the other hand, the Disposal problematic. Even if products made from such raw materials are in principle recyclable, this often does not take place for reasons of quality, price or even technical feasibility (e.g. in the case of composite materials that cannot be separated again).

That's why we use sustainable coffee capsules that are 100% bio-based. renewable raw materialswhich are 100% bio-based. You can find more information about this in our WHITEPAPER and under THE CAPSULE.

Questions and answers about the rezemo online shop, shipping and delivery

I have forgotten my password, what now?

You can request a new password at any time using the RESET PASSWORD function. Simply enter your username / email address and you will receive an email to set a new password.

Where can I redeem my voucher code?

You can enter the voucher code during your order in the shopping cart in the field provided. If the voucher code is only valid for registered customers, please log in.

Can I redeem several voucher codes at the same time?

Coupon codes cannot be combined with each other. Therefore you can only use one voucher code per order.

I cannot redeem my voucher code, why is that?

Please check your voucher code again:

  • Is the voucher code still valid?
  • Did you enter the voucher code correctly?
  • Have you reached a minimum order value that may be required?
  • Have you already entered a voucher code during my order (Note: Voucher codes cannot be combined)?
  • Is the voucher code only valid for registered customers (Note: Log in if necessary)?
How can I pay for my order?

We offer the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • SEPA Direct Debit Scheme
What are the shipping costs and how long do I have to wait for my delivery?

You can find more information in the section SHIPPING AND DELIVERY COSTS. After placing your order, you will have to wait 1-3 working days in Germany or 4-10 working days for shipping to EU countries, Switzerland or the United Kingdom until you can finally enjoy your rezemo capsule coffee. We only ship with DHL GoGreen.

How are the rezemo coffee capsules packaged?

Our sustainable coffee capsules are packaged in an environmentally friendly natural kraft cardboard box, because sustainability is our top priority. Of course, we do not use any plastic packaging. We ship climate neutrally with DHL GoGreen.