The sustainable rezemo coffee capsule

rezemo seal for wood exclusively from German forests

The wood for our rezemo coffee capsules comes from sustainable sources, PEFC certified Forestry in Southern Germany. We use wood fibres from residual products such as sawdust.

Our coffee capsule has a biobased carbon content of 100% (test number: 8C150). Accordingly, we hold the seal of the current top category "bio-based > 85%".

rezemo seal without microplastic

Our coffee capsule does not contain any fossil plastics. This means that it is free from permanent Microplastic - no microplastics can also be produced during decomposition thanks to 100% bio-based ingredients.


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The ecologic added value of our coffee capsules


less CO2 emissions compared to aluminium capsules

In collaboration with we have succeeded in making a first independent statement about the CO2 pollution caused by the rezemo coffee capsule. The result, taking into account all relevant production steps of the various components as well as all logistics steps, is clear: With the rezemo capsule, at least 55% of CO2 emissions can be saved compared to an aluminium capsule.


less CO2 emissions compared to fossil plastic capsules

Compared to a petrochemically produced plastic capsule, at least 26% of theCO2 emissions are saved. TheCO2 emissions for the disposal of plastic capsules are not included in this value. Since plastic capsules rarely end up in the yellow bag empty of residues, the Recycling rate low and the majority is banned. If these emissions are also taken into account, a much higher value can be assumed. (

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Because we only use renewable raw materials that come from the cycle of nature, we minimise the footprint of our capsule. The product cycle from value creation to recycling is thus also significantly optimised from a CO2 point of view. (

rezemo icon wood stack for natural material wood

1. natural material wood

Wood is a great raw material - available in abundance in this country and therefore does not have to be imported. In our forests sustainably managedwe'll never run out. For our coffee capsule we use softwood from south german forests. When sawmills produce construction and furniture wood, large quantities of sawdust and wood shavings are produced. We at rezemo use this residual product in a natural form as raw material for our coffee capsules. We don't have to process them chemically, we don't have to cut down trees and we create an additional value-added stage for this great natural material.

2. binding agent made from plant starch

Of course, we don't carve our coffee capsules from the solid - that would cause considerable waste. That's why the wood fibres have to be held together with a binding agent. For this purpose we use PLA, a bioplasticwhich is made from natural plant starch. This plant starch is obtained from maize and sugar beet. Our PLA is biodegradable. However, since the wood content predominates in the capsule, it decomposes faster than other bioplastic packaging.

rezemo Icon corn for binders from plant starch
rezemo Icon for environmentally friendly production of coffee capsules from wood

3. environmentally friendly production

The wood fibers can now be molded together with the PLA by so-called Injection molding into shape. In this process, the material is processed by heat and high pressure. Through injection molding, we can completely avoid the creation of production residues. It is important to us that the production of the coffee capsules is also environmentally friendly. Therefore, we pay attention to short distances and produce our entire product in Germany.

4. 100% bio-based

This results in the innovative rezemo coffee capsulewhich is certified by DIN CERTCO in the top category with the test result "100% bio-based" (test number 8C150). This makes us the supplier for sustainable coffee capsules. Of course, we think holistically - our sustainable coffee capsules protect the coffee aroma and our outer carton contains neither aluminium nor plastic. We also ship our products with DHL GoGreen.

rezemo icon for 100 percent bio-based coffee capsule

This is what coffee enjoyment looks like without a guilty conscience and the cycle can start all over again.