Why a revolution is needed

In 2019 alone, 3.4 billion coffee capsules were drunk in Germany, according to calculations by Deutsche Umwelthilfe. That causes about13.5 tonnes of packaging waste! Above all, these figures shock coffee consumers, who are increasingly concerned with sustainability in everyday life and want to save on packaging waste. They want to save resources and avoid environmental pollution.  

Especially on holiday, guests are reluctant to do without their morning coffee during their stay in a hotel. Accordingly, the hotel and catering industry are desperately looking for sustainable solutions that neither they nor the guest have to compromise on taste or handling. With their 100% bio-based coffee capsules made of wood, rezemo shows that sustainability is a real eye-catcher in every hotel room.  

A woman drinks rezemo coffee in the rezemo cup

What makes coffee capsules so attractive in the hotel industry

From a hotelier's point of view, coffee is indispensable for an unforgettable guest experience, as 56.2% of Germans say they turn to coffee to enhance their well-being (Coffee Report 2021). Coffee drinkers prefer to enjoy their coffee at home and primarily take the opportunity to relax (Coffee Report 2021). Thus, a feeling of home and "coming to rest" can be integrated for guests with a coffee offer in the hotel room.

However, the possibilities for hoteliers to offer high-quality coffee in guest rooms are limited. Either hotels rely on individually packaged instant coffees, which tend to be inferior in taste and appearance and produce unnecessary waste. Or they invest in cost-intensive and space-consuming coffee machines.

Coffee capsules, on the other hand, are an optimal solution for the hotel industry, because they are

  • are handy and practical,
  • offer a wide range of coffee preparation methods and
  • maintain a constant, high quality taste.

In addition, coffee capsule machines are easy to operate, easy to clean and flexible to use. These arguments could be the reason why one in five people in Germany owns a coffee capsule machine in his or her home (Coffee Report 2021).

Precisely because so many coffee drinkers own capsule machines, it is all the more important to meet their needs for taste and convenience. It's nice that hoteliers can now rely on an innovative alternative like the wood-based coffee capsules from rezemo. Every coffee drinker can return them to nature after use without a guilty conscience.

rezemo capsules in the hotel

Why sustainability is not just a trend

As convenient as coffee capsules are, with increasing environmental awareness, hotel guests want sustainable solutions for their coffee enjoyment, even during their hotel stay.

The study conducted on behalf of the Scandic Hotel Group "Growth trends in the German hotel market" from 2018 shows that 35 % of the German population sustainable hotels even prefer. Thereby, the demand increases from generation to generation. Sustainability is therefore not only a trend of the last few years. It is a basic attitude that is a decisive aspect for the future viability of the hotel industry.

For this reason, hotel operators are faced with the challenge of finding sustainable solutions that offer their guests the same level of quality, hygiene and comfort as before. 

The idea of the smart wood alternative

The founders of the coffee brand rezemo, Julian Reitze and Stefan Zender, also asked themselves similar questions. At the time, they were confronted with vast amounts of packaging waste caused by coffee capsules in their everyday student life. They asked themselves: How could uncompromising coffee capsule consumption be realised with an innovation? They dreamed of a product that comes entirely from natural sources. From this thought sprang the idea for rezemo, the coffee capsule made of wood.

They now have their start-up in the Stuttgart area, employ several people and deliver their wooden coffee capsules to various hotels across Europe. Their love of the environment and coffee motivates them every day to make the world a little better.

But what makes rezemos coffee capsules so special for the hotel industry?

Pure nature: The rezemo capsule consists of 100 % bio-based and renewable raw materials. For the most part, wood is used in the capsule, which is produced in the form of sawdust and wood shavings in sustainable and PEFC-certified forestry. Furthermore, the bioplastic PLA is used, which also consists exclusively of natural materials. You can read more about the rezemo capsule here here.

Only the best qualityrezemo relies exclusively on high-quality coffee cultivation and works with partners who enable the special aroma of the rezemo coffees through roasting in the long-term drum process. Already during coffee cultivation, rezemo selects growing areas in which optimal growing conditions prevail and gentle processing methods are applied. All these components are reflected in the different coffee varieties. Two Espressi, two Lungo and one Decaf varieties in various strengths and surprising flavours characterise the product world of rezemo. With coffee from rezemo, unforgettable taste moments are created and inspire frahling lovers again and again.

The capsule is a real eye-catcher and signifier.Its shape and natural wooden look is unique, remains in the memory and reflects the philosophy of the company. A real eye-catcher!

The rezemo capsule is also a real eye-catcher in the hotel

Can your hotel do that too?

The "me and all Hotels" of Lindner Hotels AG, Koncept Hotels or the luxury hotel The Grand in Ahrenshoop have already convinced themselves and rely on the wooden coffee capsule. Sustainability paired with irresistible top-quality coffee simply goes down well - with the hotels and with the guests.

What rezemos partners say:

"With rezemo, we have found a partner that helps us to take another step forward on our path to comprehensive sustainability. Furthermore, when choosing rezemo as a coffee supplier, it was important for us that all coffee varieties are grown according to ecological methods and that the coffee farmers receive fair prices for their work and their products." - Martin Stockburger, Managing Director Koncept Hotels

"At the end of the day, when you see the mountain of conventional coffee capsules that you dispose of, you very quickly ask yourself whether it all makes sense and is necessary. And that's why we as a hotel group were open and of course also enthusiastic when we got to know the rezemo concept. We quickly decided to implement it at our hotel as well. " - Otto Lindner, Managing Director Lindner Hotels AG.

It is that easy to take steps towards a sustainable future! Here, rezemo is happy to lend a hand to anyone who needs support and wants to set an example themselves.

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