rezemo - but now with a difference! After an extensive survey of our customers, we decided to listen to your wishes and implement them. In the context of a rebranding of the rezemo own brand, we have rethought and implemented the following aspects.

The logo

To represent the unique recognition feature of the rezemo own brand, we created a new logo: Visualised as Line-Art, it combines all the features that make us rezemo - a coffee cup that can also be seen as a wooden capsule! Underneath the line art drawing, the rezemo lettering shines in a new font. To round off the entire logo design, the lower part of the logo features the new motto of rezemo's own brand: "all about nature & coffee".

Picture of the 14 packs of the rezemo coffee editions 1 to 5

The packaging

We also implemented your wishes in the design of the packaging. It was important to create a clear distinction between the individual editions, which we achieved with a prominent colour bar in the upper part of the packaging. In general, we attached great importance to keeping the packaging design calm, modern and unagitated in order to focus on what counts - the inner values. On the back of the packaging there is a description of the respective edition as well as a preparation recommendation.

Colour accents

The new rezemo packaging focuses on more colour and a more colourful appearance in the design. Five colours distinguish the packaging of the individual editions for a clear recognition feature. The choice of colours is no coincidence, but is intended to directly convey an idea of the flavour and intensity. At the same time, a more minimalist design of the packaging has made it possible to save up to 20% of the ink used in printing!


Modified die-cutting during packaging production allows for improved folding, ensuring that the insertion of the packaging slides out more smoothly.

Capsule & Coffee

The capsule remains as you know it. The rezemo capsule consists mainly of wood in the form of wood shavings from local forests and a binder made of plant starch (PLA). In an environmentally friendly process, these completely renewable raw materials are processed into our coffee capsule in Baden-Württemberg. The quality of our drum-roasted top-quality coffee also remains unchanged, because it, like the wooden capsule, reflects our Values of rezemo: sustainable consumption, quality, transparency as well as future orientation and innovative strength.

More about the capsule More about the coffee

Mood shot of the rezemo Espresso Edition 4 with a black and white stoneware cup filled with coffee, cinnamon sticks, aniseed stars, dark chocolate, coffee beans, ground coffee, blackberries and two wooden coffee capsules.

Sustainable consumption

When selecting our unique coffees, we pay particular attention to ecological cultivation methods and fair prices for the coffee farmers. We observe these criteria regardless of whether the respective variety has a special certificate such as an organic seal or not.


We select each of our partner roasting companies ourselves to ensure full transparency regarding the selection criteria described regarding sustainability and quality. By working with small roasters, we support independent local structures. This also strengthens our trust in a transparent and honest cooperation with these companies.


We source our high-quality green coffees from the best growing regions in the world. Due to the altitude of these areas, balanced temperature conditions as well as sufficient humidity and shade are guaranteed. This allows the coffee cherries to grow over a longer period of time and thus reach the perfect degree of ripeness. This is later reflected in the unmistakable aroma of the coffee bean. Through gentle harvesting methods, we achieve a high quality of the raw beans and can avoid broken goods and defective raw beans.

Future orientation & innovative strength

For the refinement of our coffee, we combine generations of experience with the most modern equipment. Since the roasting process is crucial for the aroma of the coffee beans, our partners roast exclusively in the long-time drum roasting process at a maximum of 180-195 °C for approx. 15-20 minutes. This breaks down unwholesome substances and creates the special aroma of our coffee. The coffee beans are then combined to create our unique blends.


As sustainability is a subject close to our hearts, freshly filled coffee capsules are still occasionally delivered in packaging with the old design, in keeping with our motto:

Zero Waste - 100 % Taste - 100 % Sustainability