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In this article we present our student project the greencheck. We are Ariana, Amelie, Franziska and Jan, a group of 4 students from course level 1 of the Hegel-Gymnasium in Stuttgart. 

Within the economics course,we take part inthe pupils' programme "Environmental Professionals of Tomorrow" ofthe BNW (Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.). This is a project that aims to sensitise pupils to economic, ecological and social action in the field of economics. In addition to various specialist workshops, we work on a practical project with a sustainable company.

Logo Environmental Professionals of Tomorrow

From analogue to digital project

Our original project idea, in cooperation with rezemo GmbH, was to create a travelling exhibition on the topic of sustainable resource use in the packaging industry. Through our "Trojan coffee capsule", the general public was to be made aware of the immense consumption of plastic and aluminium and possible sustainable alternatives were to be shown. Thereby renewable resources (PLA and wood) and fossil resources (bauxite and petroleum) were to be contrasted and compared with each other. The travelling exhibition, in the form of a walk-in wooden coffee capsule, would have been set up in June and July 2021 in the greater Stuttgart area and Baden-Württemberg, including at the Hegel-Gymnasium. However, due to the unassessable conditions, we opted for a safer and digital alternative.

What is the greencheck?

So we are happy to introduce you to the greencheck. This is an Instagram page that uses checklists to structure and design a more sustainable life as simply as possible, step by step. In this way, we want to inspire as many people as possible with small impulses to live more sustainably themselves. Furthermore, we are working on a homepage and a blog that will provide more information in parallel to the Instagram page. This Instagram page went online on 2 May 2021 and the first posts are already online. The website is currently still under development.

Logo of the greencheck school project

What we want to achieve

We personally care deeply about protecting our planet. Continuing as we are now is not an option and, according to scientists, it is the future of our generation that will bear the consequences. But as an individual, you often feel powerless and overwhelmed. There are endless sources of information on this topic on the internet and social media.

We too often don't feel up to the task because we don't know exactly where to start and where to stop. This is exactly the problem we want to solve with our Instagram page. We want to offer a clear source of information, especially for beginners, but also for people with sustainability experience, which enables them to educate themselves with checklists and other concise overviews in a short amount of time. This way, you no longer have a reason to avoid becoming sustainable.

Screenshot of the Instagram channel of the greencheck

How you can support us

Even though the road up to here has not always been easy, we are looking confidently to the future and would be happy if some of you also decide to join us in this experience and stop by our Instagram channel (@the.greencheck). The bigger our reach, the more people we can reach and the faster we can make sure that together we make our earth a better and long-term home.

Your the.greencheck Team

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