The Greentech Alliance is an association of sustainable thinking and acting organizations. rezemo has recently become a member of this alliance. Why we decided to contribute to the Greentech Alliance is explained in this blog post.

What is the Greentech Alliance for?

The goal of the Greentech Alliance is to make our planet a better place to live for everyone and everything. Greentech recognizes the need to create and support sustainable and viable businesses to achieve this. True to the motto "One for all and all for one", the Greentech Alliance unites the forces of the various players, companies and organisations under one roof. In this way, the Alliance fights for a sustainable future for our planet through collective commitment.

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What is a greentech company?

The members of the Greentech Alliance are also known as Greentech Companies. Such Greentech Companies have the intention to improve the state of our planet with their product, service or technology. The members have different approaches and solutions to achieve concrete improvements.


Greentech companies do not see themselves as sustainable on an ecological basis alone. They also feel socially and economically responsible to think and act in the long term. By using these three pillars, they can serve as role models and motivate other companies to do the same.

Combating greenwashing

Another important task of greentech companies is to counteract greenwashing and communicate honestly. In this way, communication among members should promote the creation of transparent sustainable systems. Greentech companies should also set an example by minimizing and offsetting their own environmental footprint as much as possible.

Goals of the Greentech Companies

In general, it can be said that greentech companies

  • actively work against greenwashing,
  • remain true to their mission to protect the environment and
  • make a scientific and measurable difference to the planet.

Who can become part of the Greentech Alliance?

To become a member of the Greentech Alliance, certain criteria must be met. Most important is the shared vision of all Alliance members to improve the state of our planet. This is what the members are working towards:

  • The reduction of current environmentally harmful activities and processes, e.g. by conserving resources,
  • the provision of new approaches, activities and processes with less environmental impact, e.g. alternatives to existing products or materials; and
  • Innovations that directly improve the state of the planet, e.g. methods for cleaning up air, water or land.

In addition, members should find a balance between the planet, people and profit and actively abstain from greenwashing. Last but not least, of course, all members stand behind the science of climate change and follow its guidelines.


Why does rezemo fit into the Greentech Alliance?

Just as we premium quality coffee care about, we put the future of our planet first. That is why we are very proud to be a member of the Greentech Alliance.

Combating climate change with renewable resources

With our sustainable rezemo coffee capsules we have already shown that it is possible to produce (disposable) packaging from 100% bio-based material. Our focus is on the raw materials we use for our wooden coffee capsules. These are renewable derived from the cycle of nature.

Sustainable coffee cultivation and social responsibility

It's not just the raw materials and manufacture of our sustainable coffee capsules that matter to us. Of course, we also keep our value promise when it comes to the coffees used for our products. We therefore only use Coffees from sustainable sourcescoffees that are grown and processed under high quality standards.

Combating greenwashing

We also actively oppose greenwashing. That is why we have made transparency one of our core values at rezemo and see it as our duty to act as educators. For this reason we inform our community in our Blog regularly on sustainability issues that concern our start-up company.

Member rezemo of the Greentech Alliance

More information about the Green Tech Alliance and its members.

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