In an online meeting of the Rotary Club of Reutlingen Tübingen Nord, our founder Julian examined the connection between mindfulness and our everyday life as a start-up. In this article, we describe how mindfulness fits into the everyday life of start-ups despite the supposed antagonism to young and fast growing companies.

Infographic on mindfulness in startups

What constitutes mindfulness

The term and the concept of mindfulness behind it has been gaining more and more popularity for some time now. In the meantime it has become a possibility for many people to reduce stress and to go through everyday life more relaxed. It is about being mindful of the here and now in every moment. Instead of simply letting habits and patterns of action run their course, you concentrate exactly on what is happening in each moment and how you feel about it. This also means that the concept of mindfulness primarily strengthens the awareness of oneself and the environment. It refers primarily to the present, i.e. what is happening in that moment.


The supposed contrast between mindfulness and start-ups

We at rezemo have asked ourselves how we in the team can integrate mindfulness more strongly into our daily work. In doing so, we first encountered a fundamental contradiction. After all, instead of focusing on the present, start-ups are by their nature future- and performance-oriented. They are about proving themselves and the feasibility of their own ideas, and regularly going the "extra mile" to do so. Economic success and thus the security for the company's continued existence lie in the future. So we asked ourselves how the two seemingly contradictory concepts can find points of contact.

rezemo and mindfulness: using present problems as potentials

Challenges in the present as potential for the future

To do this, we thoughtfully went back to our beginnings and considered, how our start-up came into being. For us, it was the search for a transparent and sustainable solution for disposable packaging, such as coffee capsules. We realized early on how serious the problem of disposable packaging made from fossil raw materials is. These are, for example, packaging made from petroleum-based plastic or aluminium. We also realised that the problem is so serious so far because there are no 100% bio-based, transparent and sustainable solutions for the application area of disposable packaging. Formore information on the raw materials used in our wooden coffee capsules, visit our THE CAPSULE page or our WHITEPAPER.

Mindfulness: Recognizing Problems in the Present

Why mindfulness and start-up everyday life go together

And for us at rezemo, this is precisely the key to linking start-up and mindfulness. We have made future orientation and innovative strength our Core values made. We can only maintain these if we constantly confront our current reality and try to think anew in order to solve these problems.

To solve these problems, we need to seize opportunities and start today to make them viable for the future. Our rezemo Coffee capsules made of wood and thus the origin of our start-up are therefore based on attentiveness and mindfulness. At the same time, mindfulness runs through our team and the work of each individual at rezemo on a daily basis. As a young company, we are faced with new challenges and questions every day - only through mindful interpersonal and personal interaction will we be successful together in the long term.

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