Espresso ice cubes or rather ice cream? We in the rezemo team are also coffee junkies, but prefer it refreshing rather than hot in summer. We took a vote and put together our best summer coffee recipes for you to try.

Our absolute favourite: Iced espresso

Iced espresso made from ice cubes, without diluting.


You'll need this for that:

  • Approx. 2-3 cups of freshly brewed rezemo Espresso Edition 4,
  • a compatible Nespresso machine,
  • an ice cube mould and
  • Milk or a vegetable milk alternative - we love oat milk!

For your iced espresso, brew the desired amount of coffee rezemo Espresso Edition 4 in your capsule machine at the touch of a button. Then pour the espresso into the ice cube mould and chill in the freezer for about two hours. When the ice cubes are frozen through, pour into a glass and top up with your choice of milk. Our tip for those with a sweet tooth: Refine your iced espresso with a little vanilla syrup or cinnamon. And then head out to the balcony or garden and enjoy it ice-cold in the sun!

rezemo iced espresso next to cinnamon bun

The Italian variant of the iced coffee

The original Italian affogato al caffè for all those who like it a little sweeter.


You'll need this for that:


Prepare a glass and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. The recipe also works great with sour cream or yoghurt ice cream, depending on your taste. Now pour the freshly brewed rezemo espresso on top and enjoy ice cold! Of course, the ice cream is sweet enough, so we recommend using a stronger espresso blend, such as our rezemo Espresso Edition 4.

Vanilla ice cream on rezemo Espresso Edition 4

Of course, you can also try out each recipe with your favourite rezemo edition. Especially in the evening or late afternoon our rezemo Decaf Edition 3if you'd rather have it milder.



Now there is only one thing left to do: Get to the capsule machine - and if your coffee supply needs to be stocked up at the moment, discover our different varieties in the rezemo online shop.

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