Finally it is there - dark and intense: our Espresso Edition 4. After numerous coffee tastings, optimization of the bean mix and trials with different grindings, our new variety is finally available in our online shop. In this blog post we will explain what makes our new espresso so special.

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Why the feedback of our customers and partners is so important for us at rezemo.

The most valuable criticism for us at rezemo is that of our customers and partners - that has always been our resolution. This has already helped us to once again optimize our coffee capsule after its initial introduction and thus to include the wishes and concerns of our customers in the development process of our sustainable coffee capsule. This was a first valuable step, and we were able to Coffee selection for our Coffee capsules made of wood deal with the new capsule. Once again, we received a great deal of feedback from our customers and partners. This has shown that coffee is a matter of taste - and taste is known to be very individual.

rezemo coffee tasting

How we developed our new Edition 4

In order to take advantage of this feedback, we have decided to create a wider range of varieties. By incorporating the different taste preferences of our customers, we want to turn even more capsule drinkers into sustainable coffee connoisseurs in the future. Our Espresso Edition 1 is already relatively strong with an intensity of 4 out of 5, making it many of our customers' favourite rezemo variety. With our new Edition 4 we would now like to show what intensity level 5 means to us at rezemo and thus offer yet another variant for the "most favourite strong and black drinkers" among us. At the same time, we always test our coffees in different variants: in addition to espresso, ristretto and coffee, we also test them as cappuccino and latte macchiato as well as with milk alternatives such as oat or almond drink. The result is our new Espresso Edition 4.

What makes our new Edition 4 special.

Our new espresso is made from 90% Arabica beans from the highlands of Peru, Honduras and Ethiopia and 10% robusta beans from India. All the coffees used for this edition are harvested exclusively by hand with great care. The Arabica coffees come from altitudes between 1,200 and 1,850 metres and are wet-processed ("washed"). The robusta beans come from the Kerala region in India, which lies at an altitude of 500 to 1,000 metres, and are processed dry ("natural"). Together, this blend of our Edition 4 produces an intense and full-bodied flavour of dark chocolate and hints of sweet fruit. A velvety crema on a dark colour and the strong spicy aroma underline the powerful character of this espresso. They also ensure a long-lasting taste experience. With its intensity of 5 out of 5, it is perfect for espresso lovers who like it very intense. But it is also perfect for all varieties with milk and milk alternatives - cappuccino and latte macchiato as made by the best barista in town.


Now only one thing remains: Try it!

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rezemo Cappuccino with wooden capsule edition 2 and coffee beans as decoration