The rezemo coffee capsule stands out besides the excellent Coffee tasteabove all by the revolutionary, biobased and biodegradable capsule from conventional coffee capsules.

Our new material made of wood and Plant Starch (PLA) enables us to produce a capsule that can withstand any demands on durability and aroma protection. However, in order to produce a product with such a complicated geometry from the basic material, a special technology is required. Rezemo uses the injection moulding process for this purpose. This process enables the precise production of moulds with complex, three-dimensional geometry and is most commonly used in the manufacture of plastic products worldwide. [1]

The following diagram shows the simplified structure of an injection moulding machine.

rezemo injection moulding for the production of sustainable coffee capsules

Basically, a material that is available in granulate form is melted into a tough, homogeneous mass. The starting material used by rezemo is a Granules of the wood/PLA composite material. The process makes use of two factors: on the one hand, frictional heat is generated by the rotation of the extruder screw and on the other hand, the now melted mass is homogenized in this way. This process step is supported by heating elements, which additionally stabilize the temperature from the outside.

The homogeneous mass can then be injected under pressure into a forming tool. For this purpose, the screw acts as a piston, which injects a defined amount of the composite material into the capsule forming tool by means of a horizontal thrust. After the moulding, i.e. the rezemo capsule, has cured, the mould is opened and the finished capsule is removed.

In practice, this process takes place at an enormous speed, making the injection moulding process also suitable for large quantities.

1] Bonten, C. (2016). Plastics technology: Introduction and basics, S.289